PECAN IOP 28 and 29

Crew: Olson, A. Wagner, Williams, Loveless

Author: Loveless

Date: 14 July 2015 (UTC)

IOP 28 and 29 occurred tonight, with TWOLF and SPARC on the road back to Hays from Iowa. The radars and CLAMPS supported IOP 28, an MCS mission in Illinois/Indiana. MIPS and MISS supported IOP 29, a CI mission in central Kansas. RaXPOL and PX1000 drove back to also support the CI mission.

Observed weather: The MCS mission ended up observing a vigorous amount of CI in Illinois and Indiana. 8000 CAPE day in the Midwest resulted in a bunch of storms, none of which really grew upscale near the instrument array. However, they did get a good CI dataset. Meanwhile, the CI mission observed lingering surface convection from western Kansas that grew upscale into a MCS in central Kansas.

SPARC set up AERI, HSRL, and HALO Lidar at the garage in Hays by 0600 UTC, MCS was south of Hays at that time.