Crew: Olson, A. Wagner, Williams, Loveless

Author: Loveless

Date: 11 July 2015 (UTC)

Location: 39.3756, 99.7850 (Hill City, KS)

Weather Conditions: Stationary front stretched across Kansas and southern Nebraska today. Fairly warm (though not as warm as earlier in the campaign) south of the front. Moderate instability across the Central Plains, few storms fired during the day. Decent cluster of severe warned storms in western Nebraska north of McCook, with isolated storms across north central Kansas. Likely expecting a bore from the multicell storms in western Nebraska tonight.

Mission Type: Bore, with supporting MCS mission

SPARC collecting data by 0020 UTC

Instrument Status:

AERI - Good

HSRL - Good

HALO Lidar - Good

Surface Met. - Good

Radiosondes -  0201, 0402, 0557, 0729, 0814, 0910

Notes: HALO has slightly positive vertical velocities during the evening as wind blew air from over the warm pavement, temperature went up, and RH went down as wind picked up. Supercell/multicell storms up north turned into a small line with severe winds later in the night. As of 0515 UTC no bore formed. Per SPC mesoanalysis we have ~25 knots at 925 hPa and 35 knots at 850 hPa so we are near the northern tip of the LLJ tonight. Halo showing interesting, weak (~1m/s) vertical velocities again around 0500 UTC. Weak vertical velocities showing up on and off throughout the night really, not totally sure the cause. Halo got interesting around the 0730UTC balloon, upward vertical velocities around 2-3m/s. Surface wind direction shifted around 0750. Another good bore data set. Halo saw at least 2.5 wavelengths.