Crew: Olson, A. Wagner, Williams, Loveless

Author: Loveless

Date: 15 July 2015 (UTC)

Mission Type: CI in western KS

Location: 38.4745, -100.8961 (Scott City, KS)

SPARC fully operational by 0022 UTC, pack up at 0520 UTC

Weather Conditions: Hot..... Cold front hanging northeast of Lincoln, along the IA/NE border, very hot in the Plains again today 100+F. Some strong storms formed along the front range today, slowly moving eastward. Very warm upper air though, 0007 UTC sounding didn't hit 0C until 560hPa. Some instability around, about 2000 CAPE in western KS, very high CAPE in southeast KS where storms initiated and started a decent wind event across the Ozarks into the southeast.

Instrument Status:

AERI - Good

HALO Lidar - Good

HSRL - Good

Surface Met. - Good

Radiosondes - 0007 0100 0200 0300 0400

Notes: Located at a park in town, anemometer and T/RH might not be in as open a space as they should but best we could do in the circumstances. Got a nice sounding behind a gust front at 0400 UTC. Then heavy rain and good deal of wind with a severe warned thunderstorm. Had pea sized hail for a few moments. Stranded for a while at deployment site due to flooding.