Crew: Olson, A. Wagner, Williams, Loveless

Author: Loveless

Date: 16 July 2015 (UTC)

Location: 38.3623, -98.3308 (Chase, KS), deployed at Springdale Cemetery

SPARC collecting data by 0030 UTC, end ops at 0545 UTC

Mission Type: MCS with bore and CI supporting components. Units are stretched from southeast Nebraska to south central Kansas.

Weather Conditions: some convection in central Kansas today with a very weak surface low in SW KS and a stationary front stretched across the northern half of the state. Most of the daytime central KS storms died out except for a couple cells that became severe warned up by Concordia.

Instrument Status:

AERI - Good

HSRL - Good

HALO Lidar - Good (had problems with computer until about 0330)

Surface Met. - Good

Radiosondes - 0100 0200 0327 0435 0515 UTC

Notes: Convection from Dodge City moved northeast and formed a bore/outflow boundary. 0327 UTC sonde is ahead of it, 0435 sonde behind it. Boundary was not particularly spectacular on the HALO. Bore came through around 0445 UTC