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Tom Whittaker
May, 2003

Using the IST/VISIT Scheduling Process for Teletraining

page created 5/27/2003

If you would like to use the IST/VISIT Scheduling Process for your Teletraining lessons, please follow this outline:

  1. Let the IST/VISIT team know that you are planning a teletraining lesson. Provide a notice to alert those involved (IST/VISIT team, reviewers, SOOs, etc.) at least two weeks before the betatest session. Coordinate with the IST/VISIT team if you plan to use of the announcement, sign-up, calendaring and teleconferencing facilities. (send email to:

  2. When the lesson is ready, the producer of the teletraining schedules a betatest session with subject experts, NWS offices, and the IST/VISIT team. An email with the instructions on how to participate is sent to all interested parties one week before the session. The VISIT Scheduling Coordinators ( will provide assistance with this.

  3. Email evaluations are sent to participants after the betatest. The participant responses are sent to the instructor and the producer. The instructor/producer make the suggested changes or indicate why the changes were not made. The session is placed on the calendar when the requested changes are made, or reasons given as to why the changes were not made.

    Additional 'beta-tests' are done as necessary.

  4. When the session is ready, it is added to the calendar. The VISIT Scheduling Coordinators ( provide assistance in preparing the announcement to the community and the student guide. The following are required:
    • VISITview-based lesson in ZIP and EXE formats
    • Student Guide (see that includes:
      • Objectives
      • Prerequisites (if any)
      • Installation instructions
      • Training session options (Web-based, local session, audio playback, etc.)
      • Talking points - a slide-by-slide description of your presentation
      • References/Links
      • Train-the-trainer information
      • Contact information (email address and phone number)

  5. For IST/VISIT teletraining, questionnaires are sent to participants after the sessions. These serve two purposes, to provide feedback to the instructor and the VISIT team about any issues that need to be addressed (including possible changes to the training); and to determine who receives "training completed" certificates.

    For non-IST/VISIT training, let the VISIT team know if their support is needed for evaluations and certificates (see step 1).

  6. Once the lesson is not being done "live", the lead instructor and/or producer should consider making a recorded session (with audio and annotations) that can be posted to the Learning Management System (LMS) library for Web-based training.

This work is supported by NOAA through CIMSS, CIRA, and COMET,