We adopted our second dog from Shelter from the Storm in 2010, and she is the nicest dog I have ever known. She is great with cats and kids, spends loads of time lying around on the couch, but still loves being one of the fastest dogs at the dog park. But be careful, she also enjoys jumping the 8 foot fence at the kennel. That must be left over from her lion hunting heritage. She's a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, and we love her! Peggy Sue!

AUGIE (1992-2009)

My first dog, Augie, was the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world (well, at least I think so). She even had her own calendar page in the 2005 ACD desk calendar!

She passed away in May 2009 at the age of 16. I had this pencil drawing done of her as a Christmas present to my husband. (Click on the image for the full sized portrait). The drawing was done by Rosellen Westerhoff (Gridley Arts), who does a beautiful job with custom animal portraits. Every time I walk past the portrait in our dining room, I can't believe how life-like it is. It is amazing!

We spread her ashes at Pole Mountain outside of Laramie, Wyoming, so that she can always be running free in the mountains of her youth. Our house is very sad without her. We'll miss her forever, and can't wait to see her at the Rainbow Bridge.


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