Bill Hibbard's Lectures for CS 838

These four lectures are about the VisAD system for interactive and collaborative visualization and analysis of numerical data.

 The 4 lectures will be presented 11 AM - 12:15 PM on 17, 19, 24 and 26 April, 2001 in B317 Chemistry. The four lectures are:

17 April - Overview of VisAD

See the VisAD web page and the VisAD Tutorial for on-line information.

 Answer questions about the assignment.

19 April - Present the Assignment

There will be one assignment involving VisAD. It is to modify the EtchASketch.javaprogram to make it collaborative.

 To do this, follow the procedure described in the VisAD Collaboration Tutorial.

 The assignment will be due 3 May 2001.

 Answer questions about the assignment.

 Note you can compile the program with the command:

  javac -g
and run it with the command:
  java EtchASketch
Once the window pops up, click the right mouse button in the window and draw. Draw as many curves as you like, and click "delete last" to delete them.

Note that to run the collaborative version of or to run, you will need to first run the rmiregistry command in another window.

24 April - Walk Through a Problem Similar to the Assignment

In order to get a better understanding of the assignment, study how the PointDrag.javaprogram was made collaborative in the CollaborativePointDrag.javaprogram.

 Answer questions about the assignment.

26 April - Other Program Examples

Present other examples of VisAD programs.

 Answer questions about the assignment.

Machines for the Assignment

There are machines available in room 1019 ERB (Engineering Research Building) for working on the assignment. Special arrangements are necessary for access after 6 PM and on weekends.

 You may use any machine for doing the assignment, as long as the following are installed:


Please send any questions to