AI Politics


Bill Hibbard


University of Wisconsin










AI Politics is Inevitable


Sub-human level AI will take jobs


Growing income inequality


Privacy concerns


Military AI


Financial market instability










What is SIAI's Position on Politics?


Yudkowsky's hostility to politics


Kurzweil dismisses politics


Emerson, Atkins against politics


Default position is against politics


SIAI should make position explicit










Good Politics Require Public Movement


"SIAI will do AI first & safe" is unrealistic


SIAI should lead public movement


SIAI Singularity Summits, etc


Consumer & environmental movements


Weapons control movement










Yudkowsky / Legg on provably friendly AI


Legg: cannot prove what an AI will achieve physically.


Yudkowsky: only trying to prove intentions.


But intentions must have physical implementation.