Super-Intelligent Machines, Bill Hibbard. Available from Springer and Amazon.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Götterdämmerung

Part I. Humans will Create Super-intelligent Machines

Chapter 2. The Basics of Machine Intelligence

Chapter 3. Computers as Tools

Chapter 4. Arguments Against the Possibility of Machine Intelligence

Chapter 5. Current State of the Art in Machine Intelligence

Chapter 6. Neuroscience

Chapter 7. Dawn of the Gods

Part II. Super-intelligent Machines Must Love all Humans

Chapter 8. Good God, Bad God

Chapter 9. Brain Engineering

Chapter 10. Current Public Policy for Information Technology

Chapter 11. Public Education and Control

Chapter 12. Visions of Machine Intelligence

Chapter 13. Endings

Part III. Should Humans Become Super-intelligent Machines?

Chapter 14. Current Connections Between Brains and Machines

Chapter 15. Human Minds in Machine Brains

Chapter 16. Humans Will Want to Become Super-Intelligent Machines

Chapter 17. Super-Intelligent Humans Must Love All Humans

Part IV. Conclusion

Chapter 18. The Ultimate Engineering Challenge

Chapter 19. Inventing God

Chapter 20. Messages to the Future



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