Wisconsin EHAT Report 23 May 2001


1. Tuning VisAD for model visualization

Acheived 32 percent speed-up for iso-surfaces

2. Tuning VisAD for EH data on clusters

Display data distributed across cluster nodes

Data on cluster node disks within weeks

3. Cluster model coupled with cluster VisAD visualization

Ready to start

4. Coupling VisAD with individual EH models

Ready to start

Note generic coupler / cluster work at ANL


340 subscribers to VisAD mailing list

Mostly environmental

Also biology, astronomy, economics/finance, etc

Long Term Accomplishments:

1. New approach to data analysis and visualization

2. VisAD interfaces to many file formats

3. Collaborative visualization

4. VisAD in an ImmersaDesk

5. Novel visualization technique for AERI data

6. Interactive hyper-spectral analysis and visualization

7. Assist NCSA in VisAD interface to HDF-5

8. Collaborative VisAD SpreadSheet

9. Customizable VisAD SpreadSheet

10. Assist Jena hydrologists in VisAD Tutorial

11. Access to VisAD from browsers