13 September 1996

MISTI at 23:47 UT.
NOAA 12 at 23:21 UT.
GOES 8 at 22:46 UT.
HSRL 23:25-01:15 UT and VIL at 23:20 UT.
GOES 8 MPEG loop.


Both lidars found a nearly uniform layer from 11-13 km.

Clouds appeared to be feathery in appearance on the satellite images moving from the northwest to southeast over Florida. No Cb's were associated with these clouds. The IR images were not archived on CD's.

NOAA 12 found cloud heights only at 16.7 km over the lidars. These clouds were fairly thin with Effective Emissivity ranging from 15-30%, or visible O.D. from 0.3-0.7. This is another case where HIRS was selecting the tropopause for a cloud height. These HIRS points were also at high scan angles > 49 degrees.

GOES-8 found cloud heights over a wide range, generally 8.6-12.4 km. The Ci were featherly on the GOES images moving in from the N.W.