17 September 1996, 96261

NOAA 12 at 12:30 UT (scanning at a very high angle - 13 degrees).
GOES 8 at 12:46 UT (same image).
HSRL operated operated from 10-13:10 UT.
MPEG IR movie (9:45-13:32 UT)
MPEG Visible channel movie (11:32-13:32 UTC).

Other GOES 8 analysis times.
  • 9:46 UTC
  • 10:46 UTC
  • 11:46 UTC
  • 12:46 UTC
  • 13:46 UTC


    Low clouds can be seen moving northeastward toward Naples and Ft. Myers FL to the north of Everglades City. To the south, the faint clouds moving southwestward toward Key West are very thin Ci. A small Cb developed south of Naples and west of Everglades City at 11:00 UTC.

    Some Ci crossed EVG earlier but dissipated by the time of the NOAA 12 overpass. NOAA 12 didn't find any Ci near EVG while GOES 8 found only two pixels, 21 km to the southeast and 30 km to the northwest. A larger Ci mass was found about 57 km northwest which also was missed by NOAA 12.