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Instrument Overview

The Scanning High-resolution Interferometer Sounder (S-HIS) is a cross track scanning airborne interferometer which measures emitted thermal radiation at high spectral resolution between 3.3 and 18 microns (specifications). The measured emitted radiance is used to obtain temperature and water vapor profiles of the Earth's atmosphere, and to validate satellite performance. The S-HIS instrument flies on a number of aircraft platforms including the NASA ER-2, the NASA DC-8, the Scaled Composites Proteus, and the NASA WB-57. On the Proteus and WB-57 aircraft, an upward (zenith) view is available, providing a means for calibration verification and upper atmosphere studies.

The scene mirror allows the instrument to image using cross-track scanning. It executes a sequence consisting of multiple views of the earth, an uplooking view (when available), and two calibration sources, one at ambient and another controlled to a fixed temperature (typically 310 K). The S-HIS field of view is 100 milliradians, providing a spatial resolution of 2 kilometers (at nadir) across a 40 kilometer ground swath from a nominal altitude of 20 kilometers (typical ER-2 and WB-57 cruise altitude).

The S-HIS calibration techniques achieve the high radiometric accuracy needed for atmospheric state retrieval, satellite cal-val, and spectroscopic applications.

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Presentations and Publications

Document Version Date
Joe Taylor et al, Scanning High-resolution Inteferometer Sounder (S-HIS) Calibration and Earth Observing System (EOS) Validation,
Seventh Workshop on Infrared Emission Measurements by FTIR
(ppt, 4.9 MB)
N/A 04 Feb 2004

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