This page contains two satellite images from 15 September 1999 that I thought were interesting. Both show turbid water over the Grand Bahamas Bank between Andros Island and the Biminis. As far as I can tell, the cloudy water follows the 200-m isobath, and it was obviously produced by Hurricane Floyd, which is in the upper part of the picture. Floyd traversed the Bahamas on the 14th with 130+ mph winds.

Click here to see the picture from 1515 UTC (11:15 AM EDT)

Click here to see the picture from 1815 UTC (2:15 PM EDT)

Note that the bright area in the center of the photo does not move -- as it would if this were caused by sun glint. And there are distinctive shadows in the 1515 UTC picture that disappear at 1815 UTC which is closer to local noon.

It's been suggested that I put up a "normal" shot. I'm waiting for clear skies around Andros, and when they happen, I'll grab the picture and put it here too. Click here for the clearest picture yet -- I don't really see the banks around Andros -- do you?

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