The 'We Can't Get Dates' Rotisserie Baseball League

The 'We Can't Get Dates'
Rotisserie Baseball League

Current Owners Team Names
Matt Barr Miracle Matts
Mike Beles Mike's Mad Cats
Gary Cannalte Indiana Wizards
Gary Kasten Dung Beetles
Larry McGuire Bud's Brake and Muffler
Tim Olander Gashouse Gorillas
John Pyeatt Garbage Feeding Bottom Dwellers
John Scaife Scaife's Stud Ponies
Tom Scaife Dudeman's Big Bats
Rob Sheehy TBD
Bruce Sinkula Pillars of Fire
Matt Whittaker Black Plague
Current Owner Information

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2003 League Officers
Commissioner (Grand Poo Bah) :  Bruce Sinkula
Treasurer (The Money-Man) :  John Pyeatt
Secretary (Stats-boy) :  Mike Beles
Triad (Keepers of the Peace) :  Matt Barr
     Gary Cannalte
     Gary Kasten
     Larry McGuire(alternate)

Past League Champions
Year Owner Team Name  
2002 Gary Kasten Dung Beetles 2002 Final Standings
2001 Tim Olander Gashouse Gorillas 2001 Final Standings
2000 Tim Olander Gashouse Gorillas 2000 Final Standings
1999 Bruce Sinkula Pillars of Fire 1999 Final Standings
1998 Rob Holmes Holmzy's Hackin' He-men 1998 Final Standings
1997 Matt Barr Miracle Matts 1997 Final Standings
1996 Steve Nieman Neom's Nightmare Nine 1996 Final Standings
1995 Matt Barr Amazin' Matts 1995 Final Standings
1994 Steve Nieman Neom's Nightmare Nine 1994 Final Standings
1993 Tim Olander Flatliners 1993 Final Standings
1992 Bruce Sinkula Morning Stiffies 1992 Final Standings
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Proposed rules/changes for 2003
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