picture day, third grade. don't blame mom I dressed myself

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Read on and I'll tell you a little about myself...


Any (hopefully, no promises) current family stuff will reside here.


As they accumulate, I'll post any really good movies I see below...

Check out some of the best movies I've seen.

Comic Books

Well, I spend a lot of time reading comic books. Just one of those things - been doing it since I was really young. Comics aren't really recognized by many people as a serious art form. And I'll be the first to admit, there sure is a lot of crap out there. But for us lucky ones that have somehow been exposed to some of the quality books, well, to us it's a form of magic. For the few of you who can relate, or for the morbidly curious, here are a few links:


I also like to listen to music. All kinds really, but for the most part rooted in good old rock 'n roll. If you want to hear me ramble more on music, you could:


I decided to write a (hopefully) simple explanation for Global Warming.

Below, you'll find Louie and Ellie, my mom and dad. Louie is... well - very, very eccentric. I've compiled a list of famous Louie quotes from over the years to prove it. Don't get us (the rest of the Jasmin family) wrong, we love him - it's just hard to deny the fact that he's a nut!

God love 'em!

Some stuff I find amusing

The obgligatory interesting places to visit.

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