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Environment and Weather Images

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The Bentley Collection The Bentley Collection
photomicrographs of snow crystals, prepared sets of glass lantern slides of dew, frost and ice crystals ...
CIMSS GOES Gallery CIMSS Satellite Blog
interesting images from MODIS, Wildfire ABBA, GOES, NOAA polar orbiting ...
Cloud Gallery Cloud Gallery - Satellite Meteorology Course
Gallery of cloud pictures found on the Satellite Meteorology Course website
GOES-8 Gallery GOES-8: "Thank you, GOES-8, for 9 years of service!"
images and information on GOES-8 applications over the years ...
GOES Fire Monitoring Gallery GOES Fire Monitoring Interesting Examples
interesting pictures of satellite monitoring of fires in the Western Hemisphere ...
McIDAS Retrospective, Vol. 1 McIDAS Retrospective, Vol. 1
archive of historical McIDAS images
MODIS Image Gallery MODIS Image Gallery
interesting MODIS satellite pictures

Antarctic / Polar Images

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AMRC Gallery Antarctic Meteorological Research Center Gallery
Pictures of Antarctica, interesting iceberg images, significant weather events, and more...
Antarctic Photojournal Antarctic Photojournal
Photo Journal of Matthew Lazzara's 2003 trip to Antarctica ...
IceCube Gallery IceCube Gallery
Pictures from the AMANDA and IceCube projects - drilling, Antarctica ...

Field Experiment Images

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Pictures taken by the SSEC AERIBAGO research group at the International H2O Project (IHOP) southern Great Plains field project ...
AERIBAGO IHOP pictures ARM/FIRE Water vapor EXperiment (AFWEX) Pictures
Pictures from the AFWEX Experiment, November - December 2000
EAQUATE Italy (ADRIEX-Proteus) S-HIS Photo Gallery
Pictures of EAQUATE, M-PACE, Proteus, and many others
WINTEX 1999 Gallery WINTEX 1999 Gallery
pictures of NASA's high altitude Environmental Research aircraft (the ER-2)

Education and Outreach

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CIMSS Summer Workshop Galleries CIMSS Summer Workshop Photo Galleries
Pictures taken at the yearly "Summer Workshops for High School Students" that are hosted by CIMSS and take place here in the Madison, WI area
Science Expeditions 2004 Science Expeditions 2004
Pictures taken at the Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences Building during the UW-Madison "2004 Science Expeditions" outreach event, April 2004


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ICDS Ice Coring & Drilling Services Gallery
Pictures of various drills, ICDS out in the field (Antarctica, Peru ...) ...
Neptune Neptune Gallery
Pictures from the Neptune Atmospheric Research at SSEC website gallery