With a treasure trove of data at their fingertips, our scientists and programmers have developed equally valuable software packages to process, analyze, and visualize that data. Whether for research, visualization, or training, this software allows users to transform the data into information and knowledge.




  • HTML5 Image AnimationS webapp (HAniS)
    A highly customizable HTML5 / JavaScript animation web app that can be used to display images in loops, overlays and more.
  • Apps
    Mobile apps developed by SSEC for viewing our satellite imagery.
  • JavaScript animator (JSani)
    A customizable HTML5 / JavaScript / jQuery based web application that can be used to display images in loops, overlays and more.
  • Man computer Interactive Data Access System (McIDAS)
    Suite of packages for 2- and 3-D visualization and manipulation of geophysical data (McIDAS-V, McIDAS-X and McIDAS-XRD), or for ingest and distribution of real-time satellite and conventional data (SDI and McIDAS-XCD).
  • QuizImage
    Design web-based quizzes in which users identify features in one or more images or photographs -- and now use MatchImage to create on-line, image-matching exercises.
  • SSEC Data Ingestor (SDI)
    Hardware and software system to collect research-quality weather data from satellite broadcast.
  • Vis5D / Cave5D
    System for interactive visualization of large 5-D gridded data sets.
  • VisAD
    Java system for visualizing, collaborating and interactively steering scientific computations.
  • VISITview
    Java based software for Internet interactive training and collaboration.
  • RealEarthâ„¢
    A data visualization platform allowing overlays of near real-time atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial satellite imagery and data in a map interface. Imagery is accessible through an API and the software stack is available for download as a stand-alone VM.