Working at SSEC

Come join us if you are passionate about solving real-world problems whether through coding to visualize environmental data in novel ways or calibrating an instrument to refine its atmospheric-sensing capabilities or leading cutting-edge research to study Earth’s atmosphere.

We are a world leader in atmospheric research and instrument development that is firmly grounded in our role as the birthplace of satellite meteorology. And we are proud of our inventive, creative and collaborative staff.

We’re always looking for talented individuals with expertise in:

  • weather and climate research,
  • satellite remote sensing,
  • data science and data visualization,
  • engineering and instrument development,
  • computer science and software development,
  • grants management and administration,
  • science communication and
  • education, outreach and training.

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is one of the largest employers in Dane County with a vibrant, international workforce made up of people who, like you, are committed to making our planet a better place.

If you’re interested, let’s talk. Together we can raise awareness, preparedness and resilience to changes in weather and climate.

Current Openings


Undergraduate Students

  • SSEC hires undergraduate students as interns or hourly employees from a range of academic backgrounds. If you possess a knack for web development, information technology, atmospheric science, administrative support and you don’t see a position listed here, please contact us because we might be looking for someone with your skill set.

Hourly Positions

Graduate Students

  • Each year, SSEC investigators hire research assistants to contribute to ongoing programs in weather and climate research, satellite remote sensing, software engineering, data visualization and science communication, among others. Please contact us for more information and to let us know what your interests are.

  • No available positions at this time.

Postdoctoral Positions

  • SSEC invites inquiries from individuals interested in exploring postdoctoral opportunities. Postdoctoral fellows develop research projects in collaboration with SSEC scientists who provide mentorship and may have complementary research interests. Postdocs have the freedom to pursue their own research interests and are responsible for the design and execution of their projects.

    If you’re interested in a postdoc at SSEC, please send us an email telling us about yourself and your research interests.

  • No available positions at this time.