Visualize Your Data

RealEarth is a data discovery and visualization platform developed at SSEC/CIMSS at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to support outreach and collaboration efforts of in-house scientists.

It runs in an 8 GB virtual machine that contains everything you need to get started. It can be downloaded and installed on systems that support hardware virtualization.

SSEC manages a federation of linked RealEarth instances managing over 450 products, which you can browse for free!

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RealEarth is built on open source software including Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL, MapServer, Python, Proj4, and GDAL. The purpose of RealEarth is to provide a simple interface for data visualization and comparison across the atmospheric, oceanic, and Earth science domains.


RealEarth can ingest raster and shape data.


Decide how much data to keep.


View online or mobile.

Mobile Apps


Get an immediate push notification when your new alien detection product spots a UFO.

On The Go

Great for showing off your work at conferences or for checking in on your products while you're out volcano climbing.


With controls and interfaces specifically tuned for mobile devices.