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McIDAS Plans for GOES-R Data

This page contains SSEC's current plans for McIDAS support of data from the GOES-R satellite series. The first satellite, GOES-16, was launched 19 November 2016.

Here is the current status and timeline, as of March 2017.

Current Status:

  • McIDAS-X
    With funding from NOAA, SSEC released preliminary versions of the GOES-R ABI servers in McIDAS-X 2016.1, 2016.2 and 2017.1. The servers read both local and remote mission-standard GOES-R Level 1b and Level 2 netCDF files via ADDE. The McIDAS commands display, manipulate, or save the data in any of the standard McIDAS image output formats (Area, GeoTIFF, generic netCDF, etc.). The 2017.1 release includes updates to improve performance of the ABI servers, allow multiband IMGCOPYs of ABI Level 1b imagery, improve remaps of regions that include the earth limb, and provide configuration files that can be used when creating ADDE datasets of GLM netCDF point files.
  • McIDAS-V
    All recent McIDAS-V versions can read mission-standard GOES-R Level 1b and Level 2 netCDF files using the General Files chooser. The Linux and OS X versions of McIDAS-V 1.6 include the preliminary GOES-R ABI servers that were released in McIDAS-X 2016.1. Therefore, local ADDE datasets of mission-standard GOES-R Level 1b files can be created with the ADDE Data Manager and the data accessed through the Satellite Imagery chooser. Upcoming versions of McIDAS-V will include the servers that were released in McIDAS-X 2017.1 or later, and thus will also work with Level 2 product files.
  • SDI GRB Appliance
    An SDI is available to ingest the GOES-R GRB data stream, write out the netCDF files, and serve the Level 1b ABI and Level 2 GLM data via ADDE. See the SDI Information Page and the SDI GRB Appliance fact sheet for more information.


The GOES-R netCDF ADDE servers were initially released in McIDAS-X version 2016.1. In addition to improved performance, major enhancements released in later versions include Level 2 product servers in 2016.2 and multiband IMGCOPYs of ABI Level 1b imagery in 2017.1. Any additional needed changes will be made as the data is received and testing is completed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send email to the Help Desk.