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3rd NASA AQAST Meeting

AQAST is a NASA team of atmospheric and air quality scientists focused on serving air quality management needs through the exploitation of Earth Science data and tools. We conduct a wide range of projects in partnership with air quality agencies at the local, state, regional, and national levels. We have the resources to continually take on new projects and look for guidance from the air quality management community for that purpose. For more information, please visit the AQAST website.

The goals of this 3rd AQAST biannual meeting (AQAST 3) will be to (1) review the current portfolio of AQAST activities, (2) discuss current air quality management issues in the Midwest and how AQAST may help. Day 1 will consist of short talks and posters on current AQAST projects and partner activities. Day 2 (until 3 pm) will consist of presentations by air quality managers followed by open discussion. The end of the second day and the morning of the third day (adjourning at noon) will be reserved for AQAST breakout and executive sessions.

We eagerly welcome the participation of the air quality management community at this meeting. We particularly recommend attendance on Days 1 and 2. If you would like to give an oral or poster presentation, please contact AQAST leader Daniel Jacob.

We look forward to seeing you in Madison in June!

Daniel J. Jacob, AQAST leader
R. Bradley Pierce and Tracey L. Holloway, AQAST 3 local meeting hosts

For more information, contact Maria Vasys.