2017 AOSS Community Poster Reception

In mid-April 2017, more than 50 presenters and nearly 200 attendees perused the posters at the 7th Annual Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences (AOSS) Community Poster Reception. Sponsored by the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, the Center for Climatic Research, and the Space Science and Engineering Center, the event aims to foster conversations and new collaborations among scientists, students, faculty, and others. It also provides an opportunity for students to share the results of their undergraduate or graduate research. Thanks to all the presenters and participants who made this year another success.

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    Anne Daloz, left, talks with graduate student Maria Madsen.

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    Leigh Orf, right, talks tornadoes with Min Oo.

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    Peidong Wang shares results of NASA research with Terry Devitt.

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    Steve Ackerman, Margaret Mooney, Tim Schmit and Kelly Tyrrell compare science stories.

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    Aronne Merrelli learns about VIIRS and CriS data

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    Kaba Bah, center, explains GOES-16 images.

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    Dave Mikolajczyk explains his Antarctic research.

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    The 2017 AOSS community poster reception had nearly 200 attendees this year.

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    William Hahn shares information on snowfall retrieval biases.

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    Grant Petty, left, talks about uses of ultralight aircraft.

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    Tim Schmit explains Wisconsin’s role in GOES-16.

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    Graduate students gather around poster.

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    Pat Fry, right, talks aerosols and methane in the atmosphere of Uranus.

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    Michael Notaro contemplates a poster.