50 Years of Meteorological Satellite Experiments


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The first successful meteorological experiment conducted from a satellite, was launched on Explorer VII on 13 October 1959, fifty years ago this year. Explorer VII carried an early version of a radiometer designed to measure Earth’s heat balance from a satellite. The architects of the radiometer were the University of Wisconsin's Verner E. Suomi and and Robert J. Parent.

The 50 year anniversary of the duo's success will be commemorated on Monday 2 November 2009 at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Invited speakers, representing the University of Wisconsin, NASA, NOAA, the World Meteorological Organization, the American Meteorological Society and Suomi students, will reflect and provide perspective on the event's key players and its historical significance.

Location / Time

2 November 2009
Monona Terrace Convention Center
Madison, Wisconsin
Program and reception, 5:00pm – 8:00pm

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