Satellites See Wisconsin an SSEC exhibit at the Dane County Airport


The data and imagery being presented at the Dane County Airport and on the SSEC and CIMSS websites (including this website) are provided courtesy of NOAA and NASA.

We would like to give thanks to the following people and organizations for their help in creating the Satellites See Wisconsin exhibit at the Dane County Airport and related resources:

Curatorial Committee

Steve Ackerman, Curatorial Chair and CIMSS Director

Tandem Press

Tandem Press, a self supporting entity, is affiliated to the Department of Art in the School of Education at the UW–Madison. It shares the university mission by teaching, undertaking research into new and old printmaking techniques, and by conducting outreach programs to help educate the public about art in general, and printmaking in particular.

Paula Panczenko, Director, Tandem Press
Curator, Art Court, Dane County Regional Airport
Timothy Rooney, Amy Newell, and Jason Ruhl

Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison

Special thanks goes to all those from UW-Madison who provided images for this exhibit, including the Space Science and Engineering Center.

Leanne Avila, Sam Batzli, Bill Bellon, Britta Gjermo, Liam Gumley, Mark Hobson, Rick Kohrs, John Lalande, Daniel Pasowicz, Jean Phillips, Maria Vasys, and SSEC's Technical Computing and Library Staff


UW Communications

Terry Devitt

Art Industry

Dale Malner

MERIT (Media, Education Resources and Instructional Technology)

Linda Endlich, Brochure Design

Dane County Board of Supervisors

Scott McDonell, Chair
Kathleen Falk , Dane County Executive

Dane County Regional Airport

Brad Livingston, Director
Rodney F. Knight, Airport Counsel
Jay Jacobs, IT Support

Dane County Regional Airport Commission

Sally Probasco, Chair


Bill Clausius, David de Felice, Duane Gau, Al Matano, Paul Rusk

Citizen Members

Perry J. Armstrong, Donald Esposito Jr., William Haight

Art Advisors

Sally Probasco, Judy Sidran, William F. White