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Page 4 - Using overlays

4a. Simple overlays. In order to use overlays, you must provide four pieces of information:

In our example, we will use the previously shown images as the overlays, and will put a satellite image up as the background. The HTML for the applet looks like this: <PARAM name="controls" value="overlay"> <PARAM name="overlay_labels" value="map,temperature,stream lines"> <PARAM name="overlay_filenames" value="TMAP.GIF, TSFC1.GIF, TSTR1.GIF"> <PARAM name="filenames" value="TIR1.GIF"> <PARAM name="transparency" value="x000000">

4b. Now let's animate the background. You need only add more filenames>

<PARAM name="filenames" value="TIR1.GIF, TIR2.GIF, TIR3.GIF, TIR4.GIF"> In this case, we will also specify that the first overlay is an animation, but the second and third are not. This is done by using an ampersand between filenames that are to appear on each frame: <PARAM name="overlay_filenames" value="TSFC1.GIF & TSFC2.GIF & TSFC3.GIF & TSFC4.GIF, TSTR1.GIF, TMAP.GIF"> Of course, we also should add some controls for the animation (although this is not necessary): <PARAM name="controls" value="startstop, overlay, rotator"> <param name="rotator_labels" value="1715,1815,1915,2015">

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