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Page 6 - Using portals (viewports, windows, looking glass ports, etc)

This is an admittedly artificial example of portals. We've put the visible images in the background (the "base" images), and made portals out of the IR, the temperature plot, and the base map. The PARAMeters needed are:

<PARAM name="filenames" value="TVIS1.GIF, TVIS2.GIF, TVIS3.GIF"> which defines the background files for the 3 frames in our animation,
<PARAM name="portal_filenames" value="TSFC1.GIF& TSFC2.GIF& TSFC3.GIF , TIR1.GIF & TIR2.GIF & TIR3.GIF, TMAP.GIF"> which defines 3 portal. Notice that the frames for each portal are separated by &. Since there is only one map file, it's name should appear last in the list.
<PARAM name="portal_locations" value="20&20&100&100, 150&150&150&200 , 20&160&50&50"> which defines the position (x & y & width & height) of each portal.

Here's the applet; to roam around in the portals, "drag" the mouse around on the background image (hold left button while moving):

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