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Page 7 - Using portals and overlays together

Okay, so you wonder about that base map as a portal from the previous example. Why not make it an overlay? No sooner said than done.

Put in the overlay parameters:

<PARAM name="controls" value="startstop,zoom, enhance, overlay"> <PARAM name="overlay_labels" value="map"> <PARAM name="overlay_filenames" value="TMAP.GIF"> <PARAM name="transparency" value="#000000"> (don't forget the transparency!) Also, we added the "enhance" control to show you how enhancements work. A default enhancement file,, is supplied as an example.

And then remove the map from the portal PARAMeters, so they now read:

<param name="portal_filenames" value="TSFC1.GIF& TSFC2.GIF& TSFC3.GIF , TIR1.GIF & TIR2.GIF & TIR3.GIF"> <param name="portal_locations" value="20&20&100&100, 150&150&150&200" >

And here's what you get:

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