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Page 8 - Using file_of_filenames

8. Reading the names of your image files from another file. This example is identical to second part of example #4 except that the image filenames are all taken from a "file_of_filenames", and we force the map to be initially displayed.

Recall that in example #4, the file descriptors looked like:

<PARAM name="overlay_filenames" value=" TSFC1.GIF & TSFC2.GIF & TSFC3.GIF & TSFC4.GIF, TSTR1.GIF, TMAP.GIF"> <PARAM name="filenames" value="TIR1.GIF, TIR2.GIF , TIR3.GIF, TIR4.GIF"> For the example shown below, the only PARAMeter needed is: <param name="file_of_filenames" value="fnamelist.txt"> The file fnamelist.txt contains: #this is a comment TIR1.GIF overlay = TSFC1.GIF, TSTR1.GIF, TMAP.GIF #another comment -- note you must explicity define each file on each frame! TIR2.GIF overlay= TSFC2.GIF, TSTR1.GIF, TMAP.GIF TIR3.GIF overlay=TSFC3.GIF, TSTR1.GIF, TMAP.GIF TIR4.GIF overlay =TSFC4.GIF, TSTR1.GIF, TMAP.GIF (The spacing is shown only to illustrate the flexibility available.)

To force the overlay basemap to be initially "on", we add the "/on" parameter to the end of the overlay_labels tag:

<PARAM name="overlay_labels" value= "temperature,stream lines, map/on">

And, let's make the overlays of temperature and streamlines "radio buttons", so that only one of them may be "on" at once:

<PARAM name="overlay_radio" value= "true,true,false"> Finally, let's change the colors of the labels on the overlay selector checkboxes/radio buttons by adding: <param name="overlay_labels_colors" value="x706f00,xff0000, x00ffff"> Here's the applet:

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