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Page 5a - Using overlay_zoom

5a. You may also want to preserve an overlay image while the others are zoomed -- similar to using the "image_preserve" on the base/background images. In this case, however, the whole overlay image is displayed. The default (when not using the "overlay_zoom" parameter is to always zoom overlays with the rest of the images.

<PARAM name="overlay_zoom" value="y,y,y,n"> means that the first 3 overlays will be zoomed, but the 4th one (the legend) will not.

We'll also add in the "quiet_reload" parameter so you can see the effect of reloading the display this way. The format is:

<PARAM name="quiet_reload" value="true">

Here's the example -- "active_zoom" is set, so just click to zoom...

(thanks to the NWS for providing a few images for this example!)

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