Meteosat Use Restrictions

Last Updated: 2/24/2023 


     The routine Met-9 IODC schedule is as follows:                                   
              FD     1/4 hourly
              HRV    1/4 hourly   

     The IODC image (FD & HRV) data is usually received within 40 minutes of the image times.           
     Spacecraft:        MET-9 
     Subpoint:          45.5 E
     Group:             IODC,IODC3HR,IODC6HR,IODCEND
     Server/address     indoex
       Dataset Name   Content  
     ------------   ------- 

      HRV             High Res visible (Channel 12) Images
      FD              Full Disk 3km; Channels 1-11