The routine Met-8 High Resolution IODC (McIDAS ADDE group IODC) schedule is as follows:
    FD 1/4 hourly HRV 1/4 hourly at  hh:00 hh:15 hh:30 hh:45.
     The IODC data is usually received within 30 minutes of the image times, but may 
     arrive later due to network delays.       

     Spacecraft:        MET-8
     Subpoint:          41.5E
     Group:             IODC
     Server/address:    indoex

     Dataset Names:

          HRV High Res visible (Channel 12) Images 
          FD Full Disk 3km; Channels 1-11 

More IODC Service Information is available from EUMETSAT