Modes of Operation

Three geographical sectors are available.  Full Disk, CONUS and Mesoscale. The frequency of each sector is the mode of operations.

MODE 3 – Flex Mode – Expected to be the Primary Mode of Operation

FD (Full disk) images

  • Every 15 minutes
  • Images at approximately HH:00:39, HH:15:39, HH:30:39, and HH:45:39

CONUS (continental US coverage)

  •  NOT a subset of the Full disk.  They are scanned separately.
  •  Images are every 5 minutes at:

HH:02:20, HH:07:20, HH:12:20, HH:17:20, HH:22:20, HH:27:20,

HH:32:20, HH:37:20, HH:42:20, HH:47:20, HH:52:20, HH:57:20

M1 or M2 (Meso scale sector 1 or 2)

  • Every minute offset by 30 seconds

E.g.   M1 is at HH:MM:28,  M2 are then at HH:MM:58

MODE 4 – Continuous Full Disk

FD (Full disk) images

  • Every 5 minutes

CONUS (Continental US coverage)

  •  ARE subsetted from FD
  •  Every 5 minutes

Mesoscale sectors are not available in Mode 4 (CFD)


FD (Full disk) images

  • Every 10 minutes

CONUS (Continental US coverage)

  •  Every 5 minutes
  • 2 meso domains every minute (or 1 domain every 30 seconds)