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Calibrate.InterferogramToSpectrum Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CplxFFT::Config_tConfig_t is the initialization-time configuration
Ifg2Spectrum::Config_tConfiguration (initialization time) settings for the Inteferogram to Spectrum operator
IfgShift::Config_tConfiguration structure for the Interferogram shift
SpecFold::Config_tConfig_t holds initialization-time configuration settings
CplxFFT::CplxFFTOperatorPerforms complex FFT from raw interferogram to uncorrected, uncalibrated spectrum
Ifg2Spectrum::Ifg2SpectrumStageThis stage of the L0-L1 pipeline transforms a complex interferogram (such as might come off the raw data stream from the instrument) into a complex spectrum
IfgShift::IfgShiftOperatorConcrete interferogram shift operator
SpecFold::PortsPorts is the port structure for the operator
CplxFFT::PortsPorts for the Complex FFT operator
Ifg2Spectrum::PortsPorts for the Interferogram to Spectrum stage
IfgShift::PortsPorts used by the IfgShift operator
SpecFold::SpecFoldOperatorConcrete operator which performs the spectral folding

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