Example 14: Enhancing overlays and using a probe

Here we provide one overlay image and initially have it "on" (using the "/on" option on the overlay_labels parameter.

Pick the GDLI8 enhancement. You can then enable the Probe and move the mouse pointer around to see the data values.

The config file looks like this:

enhance_filename = enh14.tab controls = probe, startstop,step,firstlast,speed,enhance,anigif,mp4,overlay controls_tooltip = Toggle data probe display, Toggle animation, Step backward/forward one frame, Go to first/last frame, Set animation speed,Pick enhancement,Save animated GIF, Save as MP4, Overlay probe_display_style = #500, #fff,18px arial, #500, 10, 4,4 image_base=./images14/ file_of_filenames = fnamelist14.txt anigif_prompt = Enter filename for animated GIF mp4_prompt = Enter filename for MP4 movie mp4_quantization = 33 overlay_enhance = 1 active_zoom = true overlay_labels=GOES Lifted Index (LI)/on overlay_tooltip = Lifted index (K) and Cloud Top Temperature (K) overlay_preserve=0,468,639,480 overlay_preserve_list=t

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