Example 1h: Using the "slide" control to slide between two (or more) images.

In this example, you must pick both the "overlay" and then enable the "slide" control. (Note that the "Temp" overlay has a transparent background, so whatever image is behind it will show through.)

The "slidebar" will not appear until an overlay has also been selected.

All the controls are defaulted to the "plain" style (nothing fancy here), and the config file looks like this:

controls = startstop, slide, speed, zoom, overlay overlay_labels = IR, Temps file_of_filenames = fof1h.txt slidebar_style = orange, 2, 40, 25
And the "file_of_filenames" (fof1h.txt) looks like this: TVIS1.GIF overlay=TIR1.GIF, TSFC1.GIF TVIS2.GIF overlay=TIR2.GIF, TSFC2.GIF TVIS3.GIF overlay=TIR3.GIF, TSFC3.GIF

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