Example 2a: Keeping legends on the screen when the image is zoomed and roamed

By adding the parameters: image_preserve= 0,0,45,45, 3,340,48,740, 227,4, 800,23 hide_top=24 hide_left=35 those regions of the (base) images will be preserved when the image(s) are zoomed and roamed. To keep portions of overlay images on display, use the overlay_preserve parameter (along with the overlay_preserve_list.

The "hide_" parameters prevent roaming into the legends on the top and left.

In this example, click the zoom control, click a few times in the images to zoom, and then "drag" to roam around. Note that the 3 legends (date-time at the top, logo in the uuper left, and colorbar on the left) stay in view.

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