Example 4b: No controls and using in-line parameters: Animating with overlays

Here we provide a stand-alone (no config or file_of_filenames file) animation with no controls! Note that all the parameters are in-line, and thus this could be used as a local display -- many browsers prevent reading the text files locally, and this provides utility without that restriction.

There is no config file, nor is there a file_of_filenames The parameters are specified this way (breaks provided for easy reading!):

<body style="width:500px;" onload="HAniS.setup('controls=overlay\n overlay_labels=1/always,2/always,3/always\n filenames=TIR1.GIF,TIR2.GIF,TIR3.GIF,TIR4.GIF\n overlay_filenames=TMAP.GIF&TMAP.GIF&TMAP.GIF&TMAP.GIF,TSFC1.GIF&TSFC2.GIF&TSFC3.GIF&TSFC4.GIF,TSTR1.GIF&TSTR1.GIF&TSTR1.GIF&TSTR1.GIF\n dwell=500\n' ,'handiv')">

In this type of use, if your image files are changing, you should employ the overlay_static parameter (and perhaps the background_static parameter) to insure that the image files are not cached, since the file names cannot be changed (unlike when using the "file_of_filenames", which can be updated with new file names as needed).

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