Example 8: The Extrapolator Tool

In this example, we focus on the extrapolation capability. This is a linear extrapolation, using just two images. In order to use this, you must supply the "time" information about each frame -- either with the "times" parameter, or by encoding the time in the file_of_filenames (perhaps within one of the filenames itself).

We also added CSS to stretch the buttons across the entire width of the display, plus a little spacing between them.

Here is the configuration file:

#debug=true # config file for extrapolation example controls = startstop,speed,step,zoom,toggle,extrap controls_style = display:flex;flex-flow:row; buttons_style = flex:auto;margin:2px; file_of_filenames = fof8.txt extrap_times_template={(\d\d\d\d)} times_label_style = 0xffff00, -5, CDT, #222, 12px arial, true When the user is selecting a target, the program jumps to the first frame. After the user selects a target, it jumps to the last frame. However -- the user can change frames from these "default" ones at any time before clicking to select the target.

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