Insolation Data

Product Info

This product displays daily-integrated solar radiation estimates (MJ-m-2) for the previous calendar day derived using half-hourly imagery data from GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST geostationary satellites and a simple radiative transfer model of the atmosphere. GOES-EAST data are used for the eastern half of the U.S., GOES-WEST for the western half and both these results are displayed upon initial invocation of this insolation page.


Position the cursor on the image and right click to get the raw insolation data values.

The slider, located under the product on the left hand side, controls the opacity of the product.

To animate the product, first make sure the products tab is selected under 'Times'. Then next to 'Show' select the number of images to loop through and select 'time steps' from the drop down and click the 'set times' button that appears below. Now you can control the animation with the controls given below 'Animation'

Clicking on the '?' near each product to get some more info about that product.

Data FTP

Hourly and daily-integrated insolation estimates for the calendar day displayed in these graphics (in ASCII text format) are available on the SSEC anonymous ftp site in the sub directory insolation_high_res.