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Version 2015

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Graphics and the Cursor - Generating Graphics

In the following two exercises, you will generate maps and create freehand drawings.

Generating Maps

  1. Display the first GOES-7 4km Visible image on frame 1 centered at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and decrease the resolution by a factor of 2.
  2. Generate a high resolution map on the image.
    Type:  MAP VH

  3. Highlight the states of North Carolina and Wyoming, by plotting the map of these states in a different color (color level 3).
    Type:  MAP X 3 STATE=NC WY
  4. Display the second GV4 image on frame 2 centered at Baton Rouge, and generate a coastal outline map in graphics color level 5, red.
    The L parameter specifies a low resolution map conforming to the satellite image.

  5. Turn the satellite image off and on so the map is easier to see.
    Press:  Alt K
    Press:  Alt K
  6. Turn the graphics off and back on, to see the image without the map.
    Press:  Alt W
    Press:  Alt W
  7. Erase the image in frame 3. Show frame 3 and generate a Mercator map of the USA that includes all counties in the USA.
    Type:  ERASE I 3
    Type:  SF 3;MAP USA 3 COUNTY=ALL
  8. Display GI4.2 on frame 4 and generate a map with political boundaries, coastal boundaries, and latitude and longitude lines.
    Type:  IMGDISP GI4.2 4 STA=BTR MAG=-2 SF=Y
    Type:  MAP L 3
    Notice that the political boundaries are in graphics color level 5 (red) and the coastal boundaries are in graphics color level 3 (yellow).

Adding Text and Freehand Drawings

In this exercise, you will write text to a frame with the ZA command and create freehand drawings with the ZLM command.
  1. Show frame 1 and erase its graphics.
    Type:  SF 1;ERASE G 1
  2. Position the cursor at TV line 30 and element 100. Add the following annotation to the frame describing the image.
    Type:  PC T 30 100;ZA 5 10 "GOES VISIBLE FOR 13 MARCH 1993 AT 17:01 UTC
    The phrase GOES VISIBLE FOR 13 MARCH 1993 AT 17:01 UTC is written on frame 1. The first parameter of the ZA command (5) indicates the graphics color level; the second parameter (10) indicates the height of the letters in pixels.

  3. Show frame 2 and erase both the image and the graphics.
    Type:  SF 2;ERASE
  4. Activate the freehand drawing command ZLM.
    Type:  ZLM DRAW
  5. Press and hold the middle mouse button and draw something on the screen by moving the mouse.

  6. End the draw option by pressing the right and middle mouse buttons simultaneously, or:
    Press:  Alt Q

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