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Version 2015

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Graphics and the Cursor - Erasing Graphics

In this exercise, you will erase the graphics inside the cursor with the CW command and then erase all the graphics inside the current frame with the ERASE command.
  1. Show frame 1.
    Type:  SF 1
  2. Place the cursor at TV line 30 and element 320. Erase all the graphics inside a 25 by 450 cursor and set the color in the box to graphic level 8. Use an X for the frame number parameter.
    Type:  PC T 30 320;CW 8 X 25 450
    The graphics and image inside the 25 by 450 cursor are restored to the color specified (gray).

  3. Change graphics color level 8 to black.
    Type:  GU MAKE 8 BLACK
  4. Position the cursor at TV line 25 and element 105, and add the annotation again. The black background makes it easier to read.
    Type:  PC T 25 105;ZA 5 10 "GOES VISIBLE FOR 13 MARCH 1993 AT 17:01 UTC

  5. Erase the graphics in frames 1 through 4.
    Type:  ERASE G 1 4
    The graphics are cleared, leaving the frames either empty or with a satellite image.

  6. Restore the default graphics table to frames 1 through 4.
    Type:  GU REST X 1 4

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