McIDAS Learning Guide
Version 2015

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Graphics and the Cursor - Zooming with the Cursor

In this exercise, you will zoom in on features of an image, and use the roam capabilities of McIDAS.
  1. Erase the graphics in frames 1 and 2. Display a GOES-7 4km IR image on frame 1 using a magnification of MAG=-3.
    Type:  ERASE G 1 2;IMGDISP GI4 1 MAG=-3 SF=YES
  2. Set the zoom factor to 3, and zoom in on the image.
    Type:  ZM 3
    Press:  Alt Z
  3. Press and hold the middle mouse button to roam around the image, looking at the interesting features of the "Storm of the Century".

    If you specified the -autoResize flag in your .mcidasrc file, the Image Window is automatically resized to fit the zoomed frame. If you did not specify this flag, alt-R will resize your window.

  4. Toggle the zoom function off.
    Press:  Alt Z

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