McIDAS Learning Guide
Version 2015

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GUI - Copying Images and Grids

Now that you are familiar with loading and displaying images and grids, you will learn how to copy images and grids.

Copying Images

The image copy GUI has four different tabs which you can use to specify different aspects of the copy command.

  1. Create a local dataset MYDATA/TESTING using position numbers 51 to 60.
    Select:  File/ADDE Servers
    Double Click:   MYDATA
    Click:   Add Local Entry
    Enter:   TESTING under Descriptor, Test Images under Description, 51 under Start Position, and 60 under End Position
    Click:   OK and exit both ADDE GUI windows.
  2. Copy a GOES-West full disk image to the local directory MYDATA/TESTING.
    Select:  Copy/Image
    Click:   Copy Single Image
    Select:  Source Dataset/WESTS/FD
    Select:  the second image in the list (note its day and time)/OK
    Select:  Destination Dataset/MYDATA/TESTING/OK
    In the Band tab, click:  Band 4
    In the Size and Magnification tab, slide:  Line Mag = -6 and Elem Mag = -10
    Click:   Copy and Dismiss
  3. Next, display the image you just copied on frame 2. Display a white map over the image.
    Select:  Display/Image
    Select:  Select Frame/ALL FRAMES/2
    Select:  Dataset/MYDATA/TESTING
    Click:   Date and time of image copied in step 2 above
    Click:   Display Map on Image
    Click:   Configure Map
    Select:  Map Color/White
    Click:   Select
    Click:   Load and Dismiss

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