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GUI - Copying Images and Grids (Continued)

Copying Grids

The grid copy GUI has fewer options than the image copy GUI, but it still allows you the significant ones, like choosing specific beginning and ending grid numbers, along with the option to delete the destination set you will be copying the grids to.

In this lesson, you will copy the March 12, 1993 12Z 500 mb NGM height grid forecasted for 00Z on March 14. The test dataset "Blizzard" will be used because the GRDCOPY GUI does not support GRIB data served from a database, which is how McIDAS-XCD stores real-time grids. Although no real-time data will be used in this exercise, you will still learn the basics of copying grids with the grid copy GUI.

  1. Open the Grid Copy Window.
    Select:  Copy/Grids
  2. Select your Source Dataset and Grid to be copied.
    Select:  Source Dataset/BLIZZARD/GRIDS/OK
    Click:   the March 12, 1993 (1993071) 12Z NGM grid
    Click:   OK
    Click:   Select Source Grid(s)
    Select:  Sort Grids by:/Parameter
    Click:   the 12Z Z 500mb height (Z) grid with a forcast hour of 36 (valid 00Z March 14, 1993)
    Click:   OK
  3. Select the Destination Dataset.
    Select:  Destination Dataset/MYDATA/TEST-GRIDS/OK
    Select:  Browse Contents of Destination Dataset
    Click:   a grid file to copy over/OK
    Click:   Delete Destination Grid(s)
    Click:   Copy
    Click:   Dismiss

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