McIDAS Learning Guide
Version 2015

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Getting Started - Logging on to the Workstation

You can start McIDAS without logging on to the workstation as you did at the beginning of this lesson; however, some system and data files (e.g. grid files and string tables) you create or edit won't have your initials or project number saved with them. The LOGON command with the I (initialization) parameter modifies the session by:
  1. Log on and initialize the workstation. (If you don't have your own initials and project number, use DEMO for initials and 1234 for project.)
    Type:  LOGON initials project I

    The message "LOGON to McIDAS-X completed" is displayed in the active text window.

    The LOGOFF command can be used if you are leaving your workstation and don't want others to use your initials and project number to access data.

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