McIDAS Learning Guide
Version 2015

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Getting Started - Using Online Helps

Online helps list the syntax of each command including the parameters, keywords, and remarks. To access the online help, type HELP in the McIDAS text and command window followed by the command for which you'd like more information. You can find additional command information in the McIDAS User's Guide.
  1. Find the help for the ZLM command.
    Type:  HELP ZLM

    The help text appears in the active text frame as shown below:

     ZLM -- Draws graphics using the mouse                                                
        ZLM BOX color height width  
        ZLM CIRCLE color height width  
        ZLM DRAW color  SMOOTH=                                                           
        ZLM FILL color height width  
        ZLM FREE color                                                                    
        BOX | draws a box                                                                 
        CIRCLE | draws a circle or ellipse                                                
        DRAW | draws a smooth, continuous line as you move the mouse                      
        FILL | draws and fills a box                                                      
        FREE | draws straight lines between points selected with mouse (def)              
        color | graphics color level, use 0 to erase with FILL option (def=3)             
        height | height of the box, circle or ellipse, in pixels                          
                 (def=cursor height)                                                      
        width | width of the box, circle or ellipse, in pixels                            
                (def=cursor width)                                                        
        DASh=YES | draw dashed lines for BOX, CIRCLE, DRAW and FREE options               
            =NO  | solid lines are drawn (def)                                            
        GRA= | graphics frame number to display output; valid only with MODE=N            
               and BOX, CIRCLE, or FILL option (def=current)                              
        MODe=I | interactive mode (def)                                                   
            =N | non-interactive "batch" mode; draws shape centered at line               
                 and element position specified in POS keyword on the graphics            
                 frame specified with the GRA keyword; valid only with BOX,               
                 CIRCLE, or FILL option                                                   
        POS=line ele | TV line and element position to center the shape on;               
                       valid only with MODE=N and BOX, CIRCLE, or FILL option             
                       (def=current cursor position)                                      
        SMOoth= | number of samples to take for the running average with the              
                  DRAW option; the range is 1-50; larger numbers produce                  
                  smoother lines (def=3)                                                  
  2. Get a listing of all the commands and a brief description of their functions.
    Type:  HELP
  3. If you are entering a command and have forgotten the syntax, you can get a brief listing of the syntax by pressing Alt ?. Show the syntax of the IMGDISP command.
    Type:  IMGDISP (but don't press Enter)
    Press:  Alt ?

    The syntax of the IMGDISP command is listed in the current text frame.

  4. Use the Esc key to clear the line.
    Press:  Esc

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