McIDAS Programmer's Manual
Version 2006

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MSU calibration reference parameters.

The parameters in MSUSCRPF compute MSU (Microwave Sounding Unit) brightness temperatures and check the quality of MSU data. This binary file is organized chronologically by date; the last record is the most recent. Each record contains 48 words. There may be more than one record for a particular satellite.

The first record is a header record. The following records contain data. Words 0 through 11 in the data records are the coefficients of second-degree polynomials used to convert platinum resistance thermistor resistance measurements to temperatures for the internal warm targets.

This file is supplied with McIDAS-X.

For MSU calibration reference parameters Application Program Interfaces (APIs), refer to the API functions list at the end of this section.

Word allocation for record 1

Word Description


total number of records in the file

1 - 47


Word allocation for records 2 through n

Word Description

0 - 3

resistance-to-temperature coefficients, zeroth order; if word 0 is the missing value, the record was deleted

4 - 7

resistance-to-temperature coefficients, first order

8 - 11

resistance-to-temperature coefficients, second order

12 - 23

coefficients to linearize MSU counts

24 - 27

high and low calibration points for electronic systems A and B

28 - 35

average space and target temperatures for channels 1 to 4

36 - 43

standard deviations of space and target temperatures for channels 1 to 4


nominal target temperature


MSU serial number


NOAA satellite number


date, yyyddd

API functions

Function Description


initializes the MSU constants

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