SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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Accessing the Data via ADDE

Normally, the ingestor is also the ADDE server for the data. As delivered, the group name for the data is FY2. The group contains four datasets, ALL, VIS, IR, and MANAM. VIS and IR refer to the imagery; MANAM is a text dataset that can be examined with the McIDAS READ command. MANAM is a schedule of expected behavior of the satellite for the coming week.

If the AREAS variable is modified in the ingestor startup procedure, the /data/opt/etc/RESOLV.SRV file must be edited to reflect the change. Otherwise, the name spaces will no longer refer to the limits of the ingested area numbers.

Once the SDI begins to ingest data and is connected to the network, the data can be accessed on McIDAS workstations via ADDE. The ADDE group name, by default, is FY2.

Perform these steps to access the SDI's data.

1. From a McIDAS workstation:

Type:  DATALOC ADD FY2 SDI_IP_address

For example, if the SDI has an IP address of


2. Use the ADDE command named DSINFO to determine the descriptor names:


The output should look something like:

Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: FY2

Name       NumPos   Content
--------   ------   ------------------------------
All         1008    All FY2 images
IR          1008    FY2 realtime IR
VIS          504    FY2 realtime visible
DSINFO -- done

At this point, the suite of ADDE commands can be used with the data.

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