SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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Changing Server Dataset Names

Perform the following procedure to change or update server dataset names.

1. To change ADDE names associated with particular datasets, edit the /data/opt/etc/RESOLV.SRV file. The following is a sample of this file. Notice that all fields are comma delimited.

N1=FY2,N2=ALL,TYPE=IMAGE,K=AREA,R1=1,R2=1008,C=All FY2 images,
N1=FY2,N2=VIS,TYPE=IMAGE,K=AREA,R1=1,R2=504,C=FY2 realtime visible,
N1=FY2,N2=IR,TYPE=IMAGE,K=AREA,R1=505,R2=1008,C=FY2 realtime IR,



is the ADDE group name


is the ADDE descriptor name


is the data type


is the data format or kind


is the beginning dataset position number (usually 1)


is the ending dataset position number; this number should always be greater than the total number of images the ingestor has been configured to retain

Q is the directory that the descriptor file is in


is the comment field displayed with the DSINFO command

2. Save the file.

The IMGLIST command lists the images in a dataset. It always shows the image resolution as 1 (full resolution) and the image size as the complete image size. All sectorizing or image blowdowns are done via other ADDE commands such as IMGDISP, IMGCOPY, etc.

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